1. , click on the shoes in front of you. Grab the shoelaces (you cannot grab the slip of paper, but pay attention to what it says.
2. Now click on the chair before the shoes, on the right cushion. Underneath, there should be an interesting-looking block.
3. Now go left.Click the star on the demon's head, and after it turns, click it again. You should be re-directed to the demon's nipples. A tray should have come out of the cross on his chest. Take this stamp-looking thing.
4. Before you leave, notice the familiarily-formatted numbers above his left nipple (should be to your right.) Take note of them.
5. Now click on the heater. Off to the right, you should see something that appears to not belong. Click on it; you will use your shoeleace to remove a knife.
6. Click the upper-right hand corner of the rug, underneath which you should find a dial. Go to the panel on the left; it is missing its dial, which should be on the left. The heat is now on.
7. Open the windows.Shortly, you'll find two X's on the middle window and three I's on the third. Ignore this for now.

8. Go right twice. You should be facing a pretty ugly octopus phone and two doors on either side. Click on the peep hole on the left door. The apartment across from you is number 22. That number will come in handy soon.

9. Now, see that hammer by the right door? Go ahead; smash the glass and take it. You won't need it just yet, but it's always comforting to have an extra weapon on you.
10. To get into the door on the right, just click on the square hole. The strange block you picked up will serve as a key. .
11. Now close the bathroom door. There's a jar of humorously misspelled cookies behind it!! But oh, no! You need a combination!

The combination is 023. Take the disgusting octopus screwdriver head and: Ta-da!! The lightbulb!!! Now you can enter the bathroom, look up, insert the lightbulb, look down, and turn the lights on.
14. What a disgusting mess! Go ahead and grab the key from the mirror cabinet, then click on the third shower ring. A screwhead will fall. Grab it by looking at the blood-filled bathtub (click on the right button.) It should be on the right rim of the tub.
15. Now look left; past the sink, to the toilet. Click on the X above the toilet. A hatch should lift and you can now grab the circular screw head. Leave the bathroom.
16. Look left. The key you got will let you open the drawer set on the left. Grab the key on the third shelf from the bottom. This key opens the drawer set to the right.
17. Open all the drawers, then close them one by one, from the top down. After closing the third, you'll find the triangular screw head has landed on the bottom shelf. Take it.
18. All that's left to access now, it seems, is the Octopus phone.
19. Dial 47912643. Now, unless you just want to listen to a creepy loop, leave, and go left.
20. Look down. The body has disappeared! You should find a square screwdriver head where the shoes once were.
21. Go back to the door with the bolt on it. Click on the star, the triangle, the pentagon, and the circular screw with the line through it. (The circle bolt will not open.) Now back up and open the door.

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