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OK. first level all you need to do is just shoot the pirates, most of them just fall off with one hit, but, if you hit the one in the boat first, and this is what happened with me, the pirate sitting behind him will get knocked off too. so keep in mind that that can happen on all levels, exept the other levels are set up differently. This is also helpful for any level, i know I wrote it on the tips but i can't stress it enough, NEVER BUY GRENADES!!! they are a waste of money!!! and if you buy them during the game you will see what i mean. THEY MAKE YOU VERY FRUSTRATED! But rockets can be used to your advantage. unlike the tennis balls, the rockets are heavier and faster, so they tend to shoot wierd and they can surprise you sometimes. Try to aim a little lower than you ussually would with rockets, trust me on this they will go way off course if you don't. and for the rafts, try to get the upgrades when you can, but don't be to worried about them. your beggining raft is a small target and very hard to hit, but there are only two people, the other upgrades give three and with the extra space it's harder for the enemie to hit your people. but when the enemie does hit your raft with a rocket or bomb, don't be too surprised if every one gets damaged or even killed (this can happen even if no one gets hit!!!) some times even knocking two people off the raft!!! this is pretty much all you need to know. there really can't be a real walkthrough to this game, it's all luck. But if you use these tips, you really have a better chance of winning!!! AND I HOPE YOU DO!!!!!!!!!



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