Escape From 1428 Elm Street

-Grab the hammer -Go upstairs to the bathroom, smash the mirror with the hammer, enter 12 15 12 into the lockbox -go down to the kitchen, search the cabinets for the knife -go into the basement, examine the rope holding the pipe- use the knife -examine the stove, pull the lever -go through the new door, and go straight ahead into the grave room -examine the hand in the grave, get the toolshed key -go back into the room with 3 doors, go in the left one -pull the rope, go to the room across the hall -Pull the right rope, go back across the hall -push the left button, go across the hall again -push the middle button, go back for the last time. Pick up the lighter -go to the tool shed out back -use the lighter to see -turn the machine on -Start the computer, run "machine works" -input "5023" as the access code -go up the ladder, examine the box, get the upstairs key -go back in the house and go upstairs, to the previously locked door -Examine the diary on the nightstand, you will find a gun underneath -Click on the lightbulb now. Accept -When fighting fred, the only way to stun him is to shoot his glove. However, this will not actually hurt him. It will only keep him from getting close and damaging you. There is a pipe in the upper left of the screen. If you shoot it, it wobbles. Shoot it when fred is underneath and it will fall on him. -From here you can choose to shoot him or use the holy water. You will only be able to use the holy water if you found it earlier. See "Secret Area" below. Using the holy water gets the good ending, shooting him gets the bad ending.

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Escape from Elm Street
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