Daymare Town 2

I wont tell you where the coins are .. try to collect them on your own!

*City Gate/Outskirts
Gate Keeper won't let you in.
Go left to pick up just an ordinary stone (1 coin here). Go right twice (1 coin here). Go right again - note small locked door. Go right again (1 coin here). Note that round cover to tunnel only stays open when the handle's pulled down. How to weight it?
Combine hook on a piece of string and just an ordinary stone. Attach to handle.

*Fisherman Alley
(1 coin in screen with tunnel to Middle of Nowhere/Outskirts)
To the left...
Go left (2 coins here). Go forward twice. Go right. Click on pier (1 coin here). Go to end of pier - note fisherman with no bait for his hook.

To the right...
Large fellow blocks the way.
He needs a light for his cigarette. Give him the lighter while he is gesturing with an open hand and he will fly away.

*Butcher's Market
Click on the table. Retrieve flesh eating maggot (3 coins here).

*Aristocrat's House (building on the right)
Go into the basement (3 coins here). Take cheese from mouse trap.

(3 coins in entryway with Tickets and Souvenirs sellers)
Ticket-taker won't let you in without a ticket.
Buy a ticket from the ticket seller and everything (flower, wooden egg, pamphlet, and key) from the souvenir seller. Click each item, then on your coins and place them in the indicated silouhettes, then "buy".

Go forward. Give ticke to Ticket-taker (1 coin here).

Go forward. Go left - note the missing balloon. Return to main hall - note the closed door at the end due to theft. Go right (2 coins here). This is where the theft took place - note the sign describing the exhibit as the egg collection.
Place wooden egg in 2nd-from-the-left spot in display case.

(1 coin in the front room)
Creepy butcher through the small window is thirsty.
You will buy him water at the Pharmacy.

*Wall Street
Click on building on the left. Librarian is protective of its balloon. What might distract a librarian?
Give it the museum pamphlet. Balloon floats up and away.

(3 coins in Pharmacy interior, with the spigot and the test tubes)
Buy everything from the pharmacist (blade, water, arsenic, pain killer)

*Wall Street alley (next to Pharmacy)
To the left...
Click around the corner (3 coins here). Look in bin/trash can, collect pearmain (1 coin here).

Up the ladder...
Click up the ladder twice (1 coin here). Click up the ladder once more. Retrieve the balloon.

*Tenement House (building on the right)
(2 coins in the front room with the wacky-moving clock.)
Click to the left (1 coin here). That guy looks like he's in pain...
Give him the strong pain killer.

*end of Wall Street (wall in the middle of the screen, in the distance)
(1 coin in the screen with just the wall and some plants peeking over the top)
To the left...
Go left. The little man wants revenge. What might help him with that?
Give him the arsenic.

To the right...
Go right - note the locked door in the wall.

Head back the way you came...
*city Gate (to the left of the Butcher's Market)
Gate Keeper won't give up his keys.
Distract him with something shiny...
Give him the big shiny golden key bought in the souvenir shop.
Go back a step and now you can pick up the dropped keys.

*Aqueduct (right from City Gate, also accessible on the left from Butcher's Market)
Click on the right of the screen, among the archways - note the yawning head on the wall; note its jewelry/medallion.

Click on door with sign over head reading "district closed due to infection" (1 coin here). Use a rusty key on the door.

*Forbidden District
To the left...
Go left and enter hole - note the sound the Sand Witch makes... sound like an animal? (3 coins here).
She doesn't want plain cheese.
You're going to make her a sand-wich.

To the right...
Go right. Click on the visible doorway. There's a chicken. Click on the chicken and then on the falling egg before it breaks. Go back one screen. Click to the right just to the left of the wall that covers that side of the screen. Go into the building (1 coin here). Go upstairs. Look out the window - note the giant with one hand open; note his medallion.

Head back the way you came...
*Fisherman Alley
Go back out through the Middle of Nowhere tunnel to the Outskirts.

Remember that locked door?
Use a rusty key to open the door. Open the oven and take the small loaf.

Return to Fog Haven (via Fisherman Alley)...
*Fog Haven
Go to the end of the pier. Put the maggot on the end of the hook. Click on the fisherman. Um... That's a bit.. big, isn't it?
Click again and a fish will come up. Take the fish.

Return to the Butcher's Market...
Start divvying things out - who wanted the water?
The Butcher. Give him the water, then go back a screen, then forward again. He left you a Faberge egg on the window ledge.

Combining things...
Use the knife on the limburger cheese and the small loaf. Combine the limburger cheese slices and the loaf sliced in half = limburger cheese sandwich. Who wanted a sand-wich..?
Take the sandwich to the Sand Witch in the Forbidden District - she will give you a bronze egg.

Use the knife on the fish. Hey, a medallion! Where have I seen a medallion before..?
On the yawning statue and around the giant in the Forbidden District's neck.

Return to the Aqueduct (via Butcher's Market)...
Click on the archway on the right to view the yawning statue. Click on its mouth to get it to open then pop the pearmain in. The medallion will fall off. Go back a screen to pick it up.

*Forbidden District
Go back to the giant. Put both medallions in his open hand and the closed hand will open, giving you the silver egg.

Return to Wall Street (via Butcher's Market)...
*Wall Street
Go back to that locked door. Use a rusty key on it. The little girl (?) there looks sad. What might cheer her up?
Give her the flower. Follow her into the building on the right (forget the chalk; you can't pick it up) (2 coins here). Take the golden egg.

Return to the Museum (in Butcher's Market)...
The order of the eggs is: chicken, wooden, bronze, silver, gold, faberge (not that it's hard to figure out). Return to the main hall. The closed door is now ajar with all the stolen eggs returned. Go through the door. Go right. The painting is missing something, isn't it..?
Put the balloon in the painting.

Go back to the left twice and up the stairs (1 coin here). Return to the main hall. Go into the left room - there is now a hot air balloon waiting to carry you off! Cut the strings holding it down then click on the balloon.

I appear to have misplaced some coins in the process and ignored a number of rooms/scenes that you can look at but that don't appear to advance the game any (maybe that's where some of those other coins were..?)

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