Walkthrough for Busyburger

There are 4 machines:
(From left to right)

Understanding of the game

  • For the Fries and Drinks machine, they are manually operated.
  • While the Nugget and Burger are automatic operated, just click on the button will do.

Controls of the game

  • Use your mouse to turn circles for the fries machine while up and down motion for the drinks one.
    - Turn 3 complete rounds for the fries machine and 3 complete updown motion for the drinks machine.
  • After the food has finished making, click on the food and then on the shopping bag.
    ***Note that you this game has no "memory" like other similar types of food making game where you can click on multiple actions and it will do accordingly. Once you click on another thing, it will do that action instead.

Playing of the game

Then it's up to your speed and memory. Remember what is being ordered and also fight with the fast speed that you have to prepare the food.

Disclaimer: The buttons are not as sensitive, so may have to press multiple times.

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