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Word drop

Description: Word drop is a randomly generated word find game with a slight twist. All letters that you use to form words disappear from the play field, dropping all letters above them down. Letters will consolidate to the left if a row is depleted. Score more points by forming larger words as well as clearing rows, columns, or even the entire board.
Instructions: Click a letter to begin a word, then click on any of the eight touching letter tiles to continue the word. Once you have a word (minimum of three letters), click the last letter again to finish a word. Bonus points are awarded for clearing rows, columns, or the entire board. If you are stuck without being able to make a word, the shuffle button will replace all your tiles with different letters. You are allowed three shuffles per game. Once you're done, press the submit button to finalize your s
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 1,711

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15 Sep 10

why my name is not on the score board?
I played 2 games, but nothing!
pls amend.

30 Jan 10

do not know how to get my name on the score board.makes me sad

24 Oct 09

This one is not for me.

17 Oct 10

score doesn't seem to be working

23 Jun 13

okay game !

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