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Flowers and weeds

Description: The game's objective is to keep the flower garden free from weeds. If weeds get to grow near the flowers, they will slowly destroy the garden - and your mission has failed. Be quick to remove the weeds, and grow a flourishing garden! There are two different game modes: In CLASSIC MODE, the time is running and weeds should be removed by clicking as fast as humanly possible. In TACTICAL MODE, both the gardener and the weeds make their moves on their own turns. On the gardener's turn, flowers can be planted and weeds removed with a mouse click. Achieving a 3x3 formation earns each player an extra move per turn.
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 191

Comments (2)

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01 Dec 09

the in game score is much higher.

02 Dec 10

so-so game !

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