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1 . extremegirlgame... 960 16/01/2017
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Mole vs. lava

Description: Play as a mining Mole trying to escape the hot & bubbling lava below. A huge array of powerups and special platforms are waiting to be unlocked - how high can you jump?
Instructions: Use the LEFT/RIGHT keys to move, SPACE to jump. The faster you run, the higher you jump!
Added on: Apr 18, 2010
Play Count: 154,850

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Admin 10 May 10

If you jump two or more platforms at a time you build a combo. These combos can get you really high scores if you keep them long enough. Using your high scores you can buy some really useful upgrades that boost your combo scores even further. If you're really good you can even time your jumps to land on extra scoring platforms, such as the golden platform or the double or nothing platform while still maintaining a combo. Once you get to that level you can probably unlock all the achievements.

11 May 10

After you hit one of those blue platforms the music doesn't come back and you are left with no music. Otherwise cool game, almost got all the upgrades

23 May 10

an adiccting game u will want 2 do better each time

10 May 10

great game.

25 May 10

Not bad.

24 May 10

this games is awsome

Calen Joel
17 May 10

For getting a big score, the 2x combo platforms are very important. The 2x scores multipliers stack and can give you amazing increases in your score.

If you get 1 2x multiplier your score is mulplied by 2.

If you get 2 2x multiplier your score is mulplied by 4.

If you get 3 2x multiplier your score is mulplied by 8.
And so on.

If you can manage to get 5 your score is multiplied by 32!

This also multiplys your original combo multiplier.
so if you have a multiplier of x20 for your jump, and you have successfully gotten 5 2x platforms, then your ending score will be "your score x 20 x 32" or "your score x 640".

Hopefully I didn't make that too confusing XD

26 May 10

Fun but long!!!!

25 May 10

Oops, I voted my comment:(

Admin 12 May 10

We've fixed some bugs and therefor had to reset in game upgrades. We'd appreciate any more feedback :)

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