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Nim master

Description: Beat the Nim Master in this classic game of strategy.
Instructions: Nim is a classic game of strategy. Variants of the game have been played since ancient times. Two players take turns removing stones from distinct rows. On each turn, a player must remove at least one stone, and may remove any number of stones from the same row. In normal game mode, the player should take the last stone to win. In reverse game mode, the player should not take the last stone. Your computer opponent, Nim Master, knows the game very well. It's so difficult to beat him that it m
Added on: Dec 29, 2009
Play Count: 1,231

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08 Feb 10

I will totally agree with/ilhar!!!

29 Dec 09

this game is terrible as it is impossible to beat, please don't write me off as an inexperienced player upset with the game because i can't beat it, i've studied it and determined it impossible to beat, please see tips for a brief explanation

11 May 10

this game is impossible because the opponent has the option to respond to your every move in order to keep the established balance of stones. in normal mode the computer will keep the number of stones even, and in reverse, it will keep the number odd, there is no way to win without alternating turns, in which case it would stalemate in the long run anyway

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