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Battleship conflict

Description: Scuttle the fleet of your opponent! A classic battleships game.
Instructions: Each player has 5 ships in his fleet in different lengths. After the deployment of the ships you will fire in rounds. You only have one shot per round. A ship is only scuttled if all of its squares are hit. The player who destroys the whole fleet of his opponent first, wins.
Added on: Dec 22, 2009
Play Count: 9,024

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02 Aug 11

Hello all, can someone tell me
how do you find someone that you want to battle?

18 Jan 10

i wanna play how do i register

Gradivus Ares
22 Dec 09

This is a well done game, but very poor game play. Very short timer to play... kinda killed it

Gradivus Ares
24 Dec 09

scratch that, I think my first opponent must have just left or something lol

Gradivus Ares
24 Dec 09

Don't mean for turns, I mean the actual game ends after a couple minute, if your done or not..

28 Dec 09

Heya, i'm the dev of this game.

There is no timer to end the game.
The game only ends if your opponent leaves the game, surrenders, if one of the players destroys the opponent's fleet, if one of the players misses 3 turns in total (since he is obviously idling arround then) or if one of the players loses connection to the internet for whatever reason.

A timer to end the game if you are done or not would be... well it would be stupid :)

There were also various bugs with the server a few days ago i had to fix. It should be stable now.

But incase you still find any bugs, let me know!

08 Mar 10

Kevin, you have my condolences

23 Dec 09

Well 30 seconds for each turn is enough in my opinion, also it is there to avoid waiting forever, when your opponent goes afk or does funky things =P.

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