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Defense of big green

Description: Big Green is Under Attack! Help Mr. No Hands hold back the attacks from High Roller’s army. Build cannons by choosing a turtle, a weapon and an ammo type to defend against the different enemies. Don’t forget to collect the GOLD to build more weapons. Features: • Great graphics/animations • Integrates a fun new way to collect gold • Unique Weapons/Ammo combinations
Instructions: -The game starts with 10 life points -Enemies attack from the left -Each enemy that reaches Big Green takes ONE live point away -Defend Big Green by using the Turtle Cannons 1. Select a turtle 2. Choose a Weapon type (normal, area, and sticky shot) 3. Choose an Ammo type (rings, strings, music, seeds) 4. Collect Gold to obtain more weapons!
Added on: Nov 11, 2009
Play Count: 1,082

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11 Dec 09

Very...uninteresting. and for some reason it lags.

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