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Nancy drew: ransom of the seven ships minigame

Description: RANSOM OF THE SEVEN SHIPS: A mini-game based on the PC Adventure Match wits against a monkey to win a guava for Coucou and digital prizes for yourself
Instructions: TO WIN The player who controls the most area on the board wins. HOW TO PLAY 1. Each player has two different colored markers. 2. Click on a shape to fill it in with your color. 3. Players continue to place markers until there are no more space left or neither player is able to make a move. RULES 1. Each player must alternate the colored markers they use. 2. Two shapes next to each other cannot be the same color. 3. If a plyer cannot legally place a color marker, then he/she must pas
Added on: Nov 03, 2009
Play Count: 12,546

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06 Jan 13

Nice strategy game, but way too short - more levels and more colours would add greatly to the complexity and playability.

20 Nov 10

love it

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