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Description: conveyor is a multiplayer word game. play with unlimited others in a race to stay alive! once you make your first word, the clock starts ticking, and you can only keep it going by making more words! you can't play words that other people have already played! try to stay alive longer than anyone else! NOTE: THIS GAME REQUIRES AN ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION WITH PORTS 843 AND 61600 OPEN. When judging this entry, please take into consideration the multiplayer nature of the game, and be sure to play it while you have at least one other person playing. During wide distribution, it is probable that there were almost always be at least one or two people taking a look at it. Thank you.
Instructions: click letters to make words. make longer words to help stay alive longer.
Added on: Sep 18, 2009
Play Count: 253

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30 Sep 09

the game stuck

30 Dec 09

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