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Recon copter

Description: RECON COPTER is a strategy game where the player must engage armored enemy vehicles in a succession of missions in a high-threat environment. The player must manage to keep enough resource to survive and buy weapons which ranges and accuracy will enable him to survive and complete his missions. Careful use of radar and choice of location on the map are decisive.
Instructions: "D" or "Right Arrow" to go right. "A" or "Left Arrow" to go left. "W" or "Up Arrow" to go up. "S" or "Down Arrow" to go down. "F" to switch between low flight (NOE mode) and normal flight. "E" to switch weapons forward. "Q" to switch weapons backward "R" to reload current active weapon. “X” to repair.
Added on: Sep 04, 2009
Play Count: 1,945

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04 Sep 09

its okay

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