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Paper war

Description: A Tower Defense game with a twist, scrath the baddies off the desktop using a pencil! Fight your way through twenty levels, and unlock many new towers and find different ways to use your lethal pencil.
Instructions: - Stop the waves of critters from finding the exit. - Build towers and use your pencil to scratch / hover over the critters to damage them. - As the game progresses you unlock new ways to use your pencil and new towers to build. Hint: Enemy move slow at upcurve and fast at downcurve
Added on: Aug 27, 2009
Play Count: 3,011

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23 Oct 09

This is a great game, but buggy. Sometimes you'll get through most of the waves and then no more enemies will appear (even though the waves are still supposed to be coming). This is pretty frustrating because you have to restart the whole level. This has happened to me multiple times now on level 19... Wish I could figure out how to avoid it so that I could finish this game.

27 Aug 09

good game

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