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Attack of the buggles

Description: Collect the timed boxed with your mouse while avoiding the angry red Buggles. Grab the super-powered green Buggle to turn the tables and eat the reds! Activate bullet time to get that extra edge and wriggle out of tight squeezes.
Instructions: Move the mouse to avoid the red Buggles, eat the greens to turn the tables and click to activate Buggle bullet time!
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 1,611

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29 Mar 10

F U are reading this don't stop this girls name is grace if you don't post this in 10 games you will suffer your life in 12 years plus post this in 10 games so that you will be lucky and never be killed by grace this is no joke my friend died when he didn't listen to what i said

05 Dec 10

This game was fun... for like 3 minutes.

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