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Description: dragBall is an innovative, mouse controlled, puzzle game that requires you to use logic (and some patience) to complete a level. The game includes a level editor for an endless amount of fun! Warning: The game is not for the easily frustrated, it's fairly hard and only the very skilled are able to actually finish the game. Don't let it ruin your day!
Instructions: Use your mouse to drag and throw a ball to the finish. Make sure you hit all the checkpoints before you reach the finish, you can't progress to the next level if you didn't collect them all! You can only drag and throw the ball once, if you didn't make it to the finish in one throw hit the 'space' key to quickly reset the level. Press the 'm' key to go back to the menu. The number in the upper-right shows how many times you can bounce the ball against the sides. If you exceed this number (it
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 2,173

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20 Feb 10

more challenging than fun.

12 Nov 10

this game sucks !

21 Nov 09

Wow, I really suck at this game but its a lot of fun!

06 Dec 09

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