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Monkey wizard

Description: Control a monkey with magical powers in this original puzzle platformer! To possess things, fling magic poop at it. Be creative, and use squirrels, bats, rocks, and yourself (the monkey) to get to the end of the level: your reward--a magic banana!
Instructions: See key mappings below, and in-game tutorial.
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 2,601

Comments (6)

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29 May 10

plus i cant find the menu button to restart so bye bye monkey, lol

20 Apr 10

I love this game! It's got cute characters and a puzzle-type theme to it (even though it's probably an adventure game). The levels with the moving parts are a little hard, but of you relax and then try it, it's not that hard.Pr

22 Apr 10

I can't get past level 15. -_-%Pr

11 May 10

On level 15, you have to glide with your umbrella for the last few platforms. Watch your aim: if you miss, you have to start across all over agaiPr

05 Dec 09

This one's a little tricky.

29 May 10

lol on lvl 13 the monkey got pushed against a wall and teleported outside of the map, but since they didnt think that could happen, there's no death barrier, so he's still falling

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