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Flash conflict demo

Description: Conflict is a real time strategic game based upon a defence mission. You are the leader of a small army and must face the attacks of your forever ennemi : Mr black poney. Your role will be to prevent the ennemy units, by any possible means, from penetrating your city in view of accomplishing their evil objectives ( especially to destroy innocent civil houses ) To do so, you have at your disposal a wide selection of fixed weapons that work with dioxygen mass produced by plants ( carrots, kokopoops and gums, for example) It is therefore on vast areas of vegetation that you will funny array your defence in order to put to an end the ennemy menace.
Instructions: Use the "camera" pannel to control the camera, or click & drag the map when the CTRL Key is down. To create a tower, select the icon in the panel and click on the green zone of the map( grass and tree ) 6 kinds of towers are available : -Tower with Air to Ground Missile: A tower like gatling,multi-purpose, it attacks as well tanks as helicopters. Reletively cheap, it isn't very strong or resistant. However, it is very usefull against a group ( like white beans). -Tower Anti Grounde
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 22,967

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22 Dec 09

First to comment out of 2,328 playerz!!! YAY ME LOL

11 Feb 10

very good

24 Jul 12

im about to play but i dont know

30 Dec 09


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