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Description: Reverb is an omni-directional shooter revolving around time manipulation. Not only can the user draw boxes on the screen that will slow down or speed up all objects that enter them, but they also have the ability to reverse time! Use these techniques to your advantage to stay alive as long as possible.
Instructions: Move with the WASD keys and shoot where you click with the left mouse button. Hold E and click and drag to draw a blue box that slows down all objects that enter it. Hold Q and do the same thing to draw a red fast box. You may only have one of these boxes on the screen at one time. Stay alive as long as possible using these techniques. If you get hit, press the space bar to reverse time for up to 10 seconds, indicated by the bar at the top of the screen. If you get hit again while this bar is no
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 442

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07 Jan 10

Ok !!!!!!!

15 Nov 09

I would really like to start the
competition,at zero.not today.

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