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Description: Memorize the sequence in which the crystals glow, then carefully repeat it while avoiding accidental collisions with out-of-order crystals. Play through 70 levels of progressive difficulty in Sequence mode, or play for as long as you like in one of three Endless mode difficulty levels.
Instructions: After selecting a game mode from the title screen, you will be shown an array of crystals. Click the white crystal in the center and memorize the pattern in which the other crystals glow. When the pattern is complete, click the center crystal again to take control of it. Touch the other crystals in the same order you were shown. If you make a mistake (or if you accidentally bump another crystal), you will need to begin the pattern again. Completing the pattern rapidly will earn bonus points (
Added on: Jul 12, 2009
Play Count: 191

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28 Dec 09

Agree!!! Like but not my game!!!

13 Oct 09

This is a lot like simple simon,
if you don't click on the jewel and move quick it stops the sequence,then you go on.

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