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Shooter guardian

Description: A mix between shooting game and defense game. The player plays the role of a shooter, who has to protect a man. The man is trapped inside an abandoned city, and is getting cornered by zombies. Player can choose from a range of real-world guns. Player can set obstacles to block the zombies.
Added on: Jul 08, 2009
Play Count: 11,648

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07 Dec 09

First to Comment YAY!! I might have a Tip or 2 later, i'm not sure yet not to far into the game! buts its a Fun one!

24 Dec 09

hit them on theyrs head it will take more hp off

11 May 10

I tried pretty much all the weapons below 10.000$ and the best combo for me is the desert eagle 1 shot kill for weak and middle zombies and for your second weapon use shotgun AA12 large capacity for a shotgun and nice damage also very large radius but very slow reloading but hey...its a shotgun lol. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT lose money on upgrading ur friend or buying your friend a weapon unless u have so much money u can throw it for nothing...If i go further in the game i may post more tips...L

11 May 10

rememeber to upgrade your weapons ;D

28 Dec 09

awesome game ;D ♥ it ;D

11 May 10

This is what I do hope it helps you:
-From lvl 1-3:keep your handgun
-At lvl 4:get shotgun AA12 and sell your handgun.
-At lvl 6: get sniper rifle m82a1 -kills red zombies in 2 shots-
-At lvl 7:buy your friend the armor 10.000$
-At lvl 8:upgrade AA12 -it will kill in 2 shots and have larger ammo cap-

I believe you will figure out what to do after...

Same as my last post dont waste money in your friend weapon your weapons stick with AA12 and M82A1. use shotgun but as soon as you see a red big zombie take your snipe out and kill him...If you are a good shooter use sniper only and shotgun when they are 5+ zombies in the same spot (sniping can also kill 5+ zombies in the same spot)...hope you like it cya...L

12 Dec 09

good game,must get better.(TIPS?)

28 Jan 10

boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggg

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