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Flower jong

Description: FlowerJong is an relaxing new puzzle game, played with a deck of Hanafuda cards. The goal of the game is to collect all of the cards in a required list before you run out of chances, per round. Chain together adjacent cards of either the same month, (represented by flowers) or the same card type, (normal, animal, sun, ribbon). Making a hand of cards that does not include a required card causes you to lose a chance. Lose all your chances, and it's game over! Various power ups and perils change the field of play.
Instructions: Goal: To collect all cards from the Required Cards list before you run out of chances, or else it�s Game Over! Hands are created by clicking on, or chaining, adjacent cards of either the same month (represented by flowers) or the same card type (normal, animal, sun, ribbon). After you have chained 3 or more cards together, click �Play�. The hand will then be scored based on the score chart in the �Help� menu, and any Required Cards collected will be removed from the list. Ev
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 7,603

Comments (4)

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06 Feb 11

won't load

30 Jul 10

good game but hard for me !!!

12 Mar 13

okay game !

30 Jun 11

Very creative twist on a matching game...lovely designs,too.

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