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Youda marina

Description: Youda Marina is a wonderful simulation and time management game all rolled into one. It offers you sun and fun each time you play! Be creative with your exotic harbor and have fun managing it is everyday problems- just the way you want to! You will be the harbor master, responsible for keeping all your Marina visitors happy. And happy visitors mean lots of income as they pay their harbor fees and visit your bars and restaurants. The more income you earn, the more facilities you can build. Make it possible for your visitors to stay longer by letting them stay in your hotels or holiday resorts. You can even and let them enjoy a day in one of your amusement parks, or join amazing tours. You can even start your own diving school or game fishing excursions! Be careful! More visitors and facilities means more time and attention is needed. You will have to stay in control of what happens in and around your harbor, and in case of an emergency, your rescue teams are there to take care of the situation! You really do not want your visitors to be sick or your bars and resorts to be burnt down, do you? Your goal is to either focus on creating an efficient working harbor or produce the most beautiful marina in the world! Small goals need to be achieved in order to reach your major final goal. Are you in control or do you want to do whatever you like and be creative? It's up to you!
Added on: Jun 25, 2009
Play Count: 33,081

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26 Oct 11

the besdest game in the world

27 Oct 11

i love it

10 Dec 11

i love

30 May 11


28 Jun 11

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12 Jun 11

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