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Code red

Description: Strategy game where a player controls team of four soldiers deployed with order to investigate what happened with laboratory. The aim of the game to proceed through all game levels w/o loosing any soldier. Each completed level opens new weapons.
Instructions: "Code Red" is a turn-based strategy game where a player makes decisions on actions of each member of his squad in order to exterminate all enemy units located on level. Each level of "Code Red" game represents a hidden area which must be explored first to discover location of all enemy units that later must be destroyed in order to proceed to a next level. To do this, a player must move his soldiers to a hidden areas to reveal them. To move soldier, a player must select a soldier he wa
Added on: Aug 20, 2008
Play Count: 171

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02 Jan 10

Not for me!!!

24 Mar 10

nor me

12 Sep 10

Once you find an enemy you can shoot at him once for each movement you have left. If you find him early in your turn you can shoot 4 or 5 times and kill him. Slow progress is most safe - travel in pairs to cover each other.

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