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Zombiemash : the pool chronicles

Description: A ginger Hero and his sidekick Gimp are in a situation where they are attacked by poo-ing Zombies. They are stuck at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. The only weapons they have to fend for themselves with is a tennis-ball launcher and and egg beater. GO HARD!
Instructions: Please NOTE controls: * 'A' and 'D' (GIMP RUN LEFT and RIGHT) * 'E' (MASH ZOMBIE when DETACHED from HERO-CART) * 'E' (SWING CART AROUND when ATTACHED to HERO-CART) * 'SPACEBAR' (ATTACH and DETACH from HERO-CART) * use 'MOUSE' for AIM and 'LEFT-CLICK' for FIRE Game Uses Assets loaded from '' servers and I think it run a lot faster if it's run from :) ENJOY guys! Took me a while to get 72,000 high-score :P
Added on: Aug 20, 2008
Play Count: 201


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