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Bitmap turret defence

Description: A game in the Turret Defence style - Bitmap Turret Defence uses Actionscript 2, Bitmap strip animation and Bitmap sampling to good effect. Place turrets strategically on the playfield in order to stop the monsters from reaching the end of the path. Mixes ground-based and airborne enemies so choosing the correct tower for the job is essential.
Instructions: Stop the monsters from reaching the end of the path by tactical placement of turrets. Carefully balance resources to get the best score. Use the mouse to play - select turrets and place them on the playfield by pressing lmb, and then press the "next level" button to start. You are awarded interest at the end of each level, and if you are feeling lucky then press the "Spam" button to really bring it on - with an instant gold and points bonus!
Added on: Aug 27, 2008
Play Count: 701

Comments (3)

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08 Feb 10

good game

11 May 10

Just an insight into the game and some tips.

After the first tightly grouped airbourne swarm the game doesnt get much harder.
The only thing that increases is the number of monsters per swarm level 43 had 94 monsters and level 71 had around 145.

I started the game with a couple of laser turrets and 1 earth turret.

When awarded the first 'tech point' i researched the 'arc' turret, i found this turret the key to overcoming airbourne waves.
A few tips:

1. Place 1 land + air turret next to both the flight path and the land path, thus increasing its efficiency.
2. Rather than spend your gold buying 20 towers use it on upgrading 5 or 6 of your existing ones.
3. Dont panic if a wave becomes overwhelming you can buy extra lives if you need to.
4. Tech points can also upgrade your interest rate. This means more money at the end of the round.

Top 3 turrets
1. Arc
2. Laser
3. Gatling

I didnt buy any of the following:
Air turret
Water turret
Plasma turret

Once you get past say level 45 its all about endurance rather than skill and power. The waves get unbearingly long and there seems to be no end to the game. I made it to level 73 and then deleted all my towers

Have fun playing and i hope this helps.

Stinakris x

03 Dec 09

awesome game ♥it ;D

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