Frequently Asked Questions
Below are a few common questions & answers we get. If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

Points and levels

What's the green/blue number next to my name?

When you post a comment/tip/walkthrough a number representing either your gamer (green) or community (blue) level will be listed next to your name. This helps people recognize who you are and what you're good at. The level type presented is your highest one of the two.

How do I get gamer/community points?

There are several ways to get each type of points:
Gaming points:

  • Completing a quest
  • Making a Top 10 score in a highscore game is worth 3 points
  • Improving an existing score is also worth 3 points

Community points:
  • Rating a game - 1 point
  • Posting a comment - 1 point
  • Getting an up vote for your comments - 1 point
  • A down vote on a comment - will reduce a point (up to 5)
Community points are built to encourage users to create quality content for everyone to enjoy.

How many points do I need to reach the next gamer/developer/community level?

If you mouse-over your current level in your profile you'll see how many points you need to reach the next level as well as a percentage (%) for how many points are already acquired.


What are quests?

Quests are a series of challenges in different games. When completing a quest you will be rewarded with gaming points and a quest badge for your profile page.

How do I start a quest?

By choosing a quest and clicking "start" from the quests page

These quests are too hard (or too easy) for me!

Each quest gives a different amount of gamer points. The more game points a quest awards, the harder it is. Therefore, if a quest is too hard, try completing a quest with lower gamer points reward. We are adding quests in varying difficulties all the time, so it's worth checking the quests list every now and then.

I've already completed a challenge in a quest a long time ago, do I have to do it again?

Yes, if you happen to have achieved a score that is above the one required for a specific task in a quest you will have to achieve that score again and submit it to complete the missions for the quest.

Do I have to finish a quest in a specific amount of time once I start it?

No, you can take as long as you want. You can always pick up quests you left off from the quests page or from your profile page.

I achieved the required score for a mission, now what?

Once you achieve the required score, you will need to submit it. If your score meets the mission's requirements you will get notified that you have completed the missions and will be given a link to the next mission or will be awarded your badge and gamer points if this was the last mission of the quest.
If you submit your score and do not receive the notification, make sure that your score is indeed sufficient (check the high score table for your name below the game on the right side). If your score is there, please let us know of the problem.

Notifications Feed

What is the notification feed?

The notification feed shows you the latest activity made by other users who you choose to follow on PlayedOnline. It is located in your profile page, but you have to start following other users to get it going.

What notifications appear on the feed?
  • When another user decides to follow your activity on PlayedOnline
  • When another player thanks you for a tip or walkthrough you've made
  • When another player you're following completes a quest
  • When another player you're following beats the top score in a game

Connecting with Facebook

I still don't have a PlayedOnline user, how does this help me?

When you choose to sign in to PlayedOnline with your Facebook account you don't need to enter any details or information and the process takes less than a minute. After joining you enjoy all the benefits regular users get - comments, scores, achievements etc.

I do have a PlayedOnline user, what's in it for me?

By linking your user to your Facebook account (and granting the application a permission to publish on your feed) you get the chance to tell your Facebook friends about your gaming achievements and invite them to play and compete.

Forums & Community

Are you going to have a forum section soon?

Yes. The forums will are being worked on and will be released in a few weeks.

Do you sponsor games?

Normally, no. However, we do sponsor walkthroughs and will consider primary sponsorships in certain cases. If you think your game is good enough, let us know

I've found a bug on PlayedOnline, what should I do?

We appreciate any information of misspellings, as well as any errors you may find around the site. Please contact us with anything that you think might be useful.

Warnings & Misuse

I see a red exclamation mark in my user notification box. What does it mean?

A red exclamation mark in the user notification box means you have been warned by a site administrator due to a violation of the site's terms. Usually that means spamming, cursing or harassing other users.

What does a warning mean?

If you are warned again, you will be automatically banned from the site for 3 days. If you are warned once more, you will be permanently banned and will not be able to login to the site anymore.

What could get me warned/banned?

Generally rude behavior, cursing, spamming, harassing other users, uploading inappropriate avatar images, abusing the system to get more gamer/community points. In extreme cases we reserve the right to suspend a user without warning.

Why have I been warned/banned? I have done nothing wrong!

If you believe you have been warned or banned by mistake, please use our contact form to let us know about it.

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