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16 May 12 on Robot Legions

Pretty good game! 4/5.
Could have had health pick ups in game....and more weapons.
If you need cash for upgrades, replay some levels overs and over again... earn cash and then max up your regeneration and rapid fire.

29 Apr 12 on Rubble Trouble New York

Good game with some fun levels... Finished all 32 levels. 4/5

29 Apr 12 on Kaboomz 3

Pretty easy, but still a good game! 3.5/5

28 Apr 12 on Building Demolisher

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03 Mar 12 on Ninja Bear

Good game...finished all 44 levels. Missed a few yin yangs so didn't play the bonus level. 4/5

23 Nov 11 on Kit and the Octopod

Good game! Beat it! Great character design. 4/5
Should have had more levels.

21 Nov 11 on Kung Fu Attack

Oh wait... it does have a boss battle! :D

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