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07 Jan 13 on Orchestrated Death

bums bumchika bums

16 May 11 on Orchestrated Death

on chapter 2 first click on the fridge quikly click on the fruit ball click on the fruit ball again put it in the blender when the chef put his hand in then quikly click on the blender then click on the pans then again click on the chef get the knife put him in the stove

08 Mar 11 on Orchestrated Death

Chapter 1 Click on the bottom part of the gun on the table to assemble the gun. Click on the gun again to shoot the ceiling to make the water flow in. Click on the wall socket to unplug the light, then click quickly on the razor on the table to make it drop. Click on the razor again to cut the lamp wire. The guy will go down and try to plug it back in and get shocked and knocked out. Then use the gun and kill him.

08 Mar 11 on Orchestrated Death

Chapter 3 Click the fishing line and then quickly click the keys to take them out of his pocket. Click on the toolbox to open it. Click the toolbox again and a knife will float out. Then click the knife and it will stab the fishing guy and get the two guys into a fight. Click on the anchor to drop it. Click on the bald person’s face right after he punches the other guy. The bald guy gets knocked into the water. Click the engine in front of the boat to kill the bald guy. When the other guy goes over to check on the bald guy, click the snake and then click the guy’s face. The snake will bite the guy’s face and kill him.

08 Mar 11 on Orchestrated Death

Chapter 2 Click on the fridge, then quickly click on the fruit basket to move it to the counter.
Click the fruit basket again and a fruit will go into the blender. Then when the chef goes to get it out, click on the blender to take off his hand. Click on the pans twice to knock the chef out. Click on his body to drag him toward the knives. Click the knife, then click the chef to lift him into the air. Click the stove to open it, then click the knife to stab the chef and put him into the stove.

07 Dec 10 on Orchestrated Death

That was an awesome game. I hope they make more.

Pedro Lemus
03 Oct 10 on Orchestrated Death

idk what to do in this game

24 Aug 10 on Orchestrated Death

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mickey mouse
24 Mar 10 on Orchestrated Death

same here what am i supposed to do in ch 2

11 Dec 09 on Orchestrated Death

what are you suppoed to do in ch 2

21 Oct 09 on Orchestrated Death

what exactly am i supposed to be doing in chapter 2? and since your site is down for maintenance, how else do i access the walk through?

16 Oct 09 on Orchestrated Death

Cute! :)

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