The best flash games of the past decade

It’s been a great decade for flash gaming. The industry grew from ~700 games per year to over 10,000. The audience grew exponentially year by year and the games improved dramatically. In this post we present to you our picks for the best flash game of every year from 2000-2009 and three runner-ups for each year. If your favorite game is not on the list, we do apologize – these are our own subjective picks and are only loosely based on popularity and rating on large gaming portals.

Best Of 2000
Trapped 2

Thrown into an entanglement of rooms, traps, and portals, you’ll have to rely on every bit of cunning to escape this obscure maze. Sequence, timing, and code are just a few of the obstacles you’ll encounter racing to find a way out. With the retro graphics and eerie groove, this puzzle-oriented game was a sure choice.
Best Of 2001
Mini Putt

Straight forward and simple, this classic vector-based mini golf game is responsible for many hours of lost productivity. It features a full 18-hole course with a true to life scorecard. The beauty of the game is that you can make incredible shots with relative ease. Just don’t shout “hole in one!” too loudly if you’re at work.
Best Of 2002
Alien Hominid

With absolutely stunning game-play, Alien Hominid is like Street Fighter meets Invader Zim. There’s not much back-story, but you’re beamed down with a blaster, and the FBI is out in full force. Fling yourself through levels of the city street system in a race to survive.
Best Of 2003
Defend your castle

With a title that almost functions as instructions, you wouldn’t think much of Defend Your Castle, but this one is worth a second look. The title doesn’t mention assuming the god-like ability to pluck assailants off the ground and fling them to the heavens. Seeing the stick figures come barreling down and burst into a gory mess on impact is as satisfying as it gets.
Best Of 2004
Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior

One of the best flash RPGs of all time. The beauty of the game lies in its many complexities, with all of the warrior classes, attributes, skills, equipment, and upgrades it will keep you busy for hours if not days.
Best Of 2005
Stick fighter

2001-2005 saw a ridiculous amount of Stick Figure games of mediocre quality. Stick Fighter marks the end of that era and is appropriately one of the best Stick Figure games we’ve seen. The animations are brilliant and two-player/AI modes seal the deal.
Best Of 2006
Murloc RPG

Scaly, spiny, green, and probably slimy, Murloc makes for one interesting RPG character. The game is somewhat reminiscent of one of those classic quest games, say, Final Fantasy for example. The graphics put it high up on the list, and the quests and story line help keep it there.
Best Of 2007
Portal the flash version

Clones don’t often win awards, and this, as the name suggests, is a clone of the XBox portal game. However, the execution is so brilliant and the level design is both original and superb that we couldn’t help but crown Portal the best game of 2007.
Best Of 2008
Mastermind World Conqueror

The incredible voice-acting and storyline alone are enough to warrant a first place for Mastermind. If that’s not enough, there’s a fantastic level of depth in the game which means there isn’t a second of boredom. The only possible complaint one could have is that the game is too short. You could probably go through it in less than an hour.
Best Of 2009
Bloons Tower Defense 4

You’ve never seen tower defense like this! Bloons is back with a new absolutely over the top take on a classic game type. First off, there are enough tracks to keep you occupied for days. Getting past that, the depth in the tower upgrades is just mind-boggling. Those monkeys can do anything with the right upgrade, and they do. The essence of the game is right there in some of the most humorous upgrades you’ll see. It’s difficult not to give them away, and that’s why this game sits at the top of the list as the best game of the latest year.

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